“I don’t understand why you are getting mad at me for telling you that the impact you had on me was negative when you intended good things at me. If I am telling you that the feeling you wanted to impart was the opposite of the one that resulted, wouldn’t you want to adjust something so that your impact matches your intention?”

That was the voice in my mind for most of my life.

A history of being gaslighted by just about everyone around me, telling me that their intentions matter more than the impact it actually had on me, yet at the same time, telling me that my impact matters more than any intentions I have.

It’s a very confusing and frustrating space to live in.

This is the autistic experience, and it’s what has driven me to put so much energy into this language teaching gig. Because learning language is more than about trying to decipher strange tongues, it’s about connecting with others by crafting the sounds that will have the meaning we intend for our audience.

Now that I have a better understanding of this fundamental confusion that exists between neurotypes, I feel like it would benefit the world to share some of my insights.

That’s what Crafting Sound Meaning is all about.

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