I wonder what your main problem is related to making yourself understood.

  1. Do you feel your speech isn’t clear, so people don’t understand you even though you know what you want to say?
  2. Or do you hesitate a lot because you’re not sure what words you want to use?

If it’s number one, I would recommend slowing down when you talk. This is always the first thing I tell students because most people I work with think that they have to talk super fast to sound close to a native speaker. In reality, a lot of native English speakers wish their fellow native English speakers would slow down and enunciate a little more.

If it’s number two, I recommend asking your conversation partners to help you with vocabulary you’re not currently familiar with. English has a vast vocabulary, so no native speaker expects another to know every word that exists in our language. If you tell your conversation partner that you’re going to need some help getting the words right, they will be excited to help you express yourself if you can “talk around” a subject. When you come to a feeling you don’t have a word for, tell your friend and try to describe the emotion/situation you want to express.

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