Conversation Practice

25 or 50 minutes

Class Info

Class Overview

1. Introduction Warmup. What brings you to class today? This is your chance to talk about your speaking concerns. (And my chance to analyze to your current level.)
2. Workout Time. Learn the exercises that will help you make the fasted improvement on your goals.
3. Conversation Cooldown. Time to chat and develop your awareness of the exercise you just practiced in natural speech.
4. Homework. Exercises based on areas gleaned from convo.

No Skill Level Required

Based around your current speaking ability –  No matter if you are new to pronunciation exercises or need to learn a specific accent for a project, each class is tailored to help you make progress on your individual goals.

Learning Material Comes from the World

Say goodbye to dull stock phrases that don’t let you prepare for conversation that really happens in life. You’ll be assigned podcasts, videos, pop culture books, or another resource based on your interests so you feel excited to work on your language project.

Make a committment to your conversation practice and save some money?

Take Classes At Home

All You Need is a Phone, Tablet, or Laptop

Learn where it’s most convenient for you

Learn From Home, Practice in the World

We use the experiences you have speaking your new language in daily life and turn them learning opportunities.

Classes Recorded for Review

Develop your own, personalized study material

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