Practicing communication skills can help take away the confusion and frustration that comes with interacting with a complex world. Crafting Sound Meaning helps you overcome those challenges by training you to develop sound awareness skills.

Creating Sound Meaning Together

I’m autistic. That fact colors my way of crafting meaning in our world. I communicate differently, in ways unique to me, ways that may be confusing or difficult for others to comprehend and make sense of.

And that’s great! Everyone brings their own ways of creating meaning to the world. We all struggle sometimes to understand each other.

That’s why I teach communication skills that everyone can benefit from, specializing in neurodivergent and neurotypical interactions.

Conversation requires at least two participants– a sender and a receiver. Even when people understand the same language, there can be misunderstandings due to the individual experiences of those in conversation with one another.


Set up accountablity systems to complete your priorities.


Get help persuading people (like teachers or bosses) your needs are valid.


Work through your most frustrating communication troubles.


Navigate casual chats with coworkers or conversations about accomodations.

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The problem isn’t getting what you want, but knowing what you want.


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Spend 50 minutes talking through what’s going on in your life and get an honest perspective to guide your life and work moving forward.


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Saunatina looking straight at camera, curly brown hair laying over shoulder, wearing red shirt and black sweater

Saunatina Sanchez, Communication Specialist

Whether you’re looking to gain awareness of yourself or trying to figure out what’s up with others, how you use language is at the core of understanding these things.

As an autistic child of autistic parents, I’ve spent my life studying the expectations of our neurotypically-designed mainstream society, in order to craft a life where I feel I can thrive on my own terms.

I love introducing people to a different way of perceiving existence!

I’m incredibly blunt by current society standards, which is a great way to start reframing why we think certain ways of communication are acceptable. Who do you think this disables?



Saunatina has helped me become more efficient and effective in my advocacy by suggesting tools that streamline my workflow. As a result of our sessions, I have been able to communicate more effectively with my team. I find Saunatina’s ideas to be intuitive to adopt, which makes it easy for me to turn them into new habits. She really listens, and asks insightful questions that help me see and reshape my own patterns to my advantage. My sessions with Saunatina are fun and productive and leave me feeling excited to tackle my to-do list. I highly recommend her!

-Heather Kelly


Saunatina is a fantastic coach! Her approach is direct, but in a kind and thoughtful way that always made me feel supported. She helped me to understand new ideas without telling me what to think, but instead guiding me along the way so that I could think for myself. Very effective!

-Deb Carstens

Not Sure If You Need Coaching?

It benefits everyone working in groups to develop shared communication expectations. The best way to do that is to establish what those expectations are.


Introduction to Neurodiversity


Breaking Out of Neurotype Stereotypes


How to Talk About Sexy Stuff


Building Frames: What perspectives do you bring to life/love/work…?


Respectful Communication in Different Settings


Tasks That Matter: Get a handle on the minutia


On Running Meetings: When to Speak, When to Listen


Creating Meeting Norms

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Crafting Sound Meaning

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