Let your muscle memory do some work, your brain deserves a rest.

Intro Session

 For First Time Students

What are your personal speaking goals? During this ‘get to know each other’ conversation, you get to know my teaching style and personality, asking all the questions you may have about this sound awareness thing.

I’ll get a chance to listen to your current speaking level and show you some exercises you can use right away to help with your learning goals.

Confident Conversations

25 Minutes or 50 Minutes

You can be confident having conversations with others- no matter if you struggle with pronunciation, need help understanding tone, or want to practice turn taking. Discounts on 4-session packages.

Homework exercises could include tongue twisters, nursery rhymes, imitating podcasts, or a new technique created specifically for your learning style.

Building on What You Already Know

Take a moment to think about how much you already know about language.

You know what nouns and verbs are. You can name parts of grammar and have an extensive vocabulary. You might not know a lot of words in the language you’re trying to learn, but I think you would agree you are fluent in at least one language.

Are you perfect in your primary language?

Language learning never ends, but you get to a point where it’s easy and fun to speak! That’s what Crafting Sound Meaning is all about.

We work together to build on how much you already speak and develop a personalized exercise routine — challenging enough to keep you invested without totally overwhelming you.

Learn From The Comfort of Home!

Never worry about missing the train or getting stuck in traffic getting to class, plus have full access to all your language learning material without having to carry any of it, anywhere.

Take advantage of the ability to record all lessons and create your own personalized study material to review, in perpetuity.

Teaching classes online since 2012, I have created effective lessons for hundreds of students that have helped get them through that annoying “intermediate to advanced” stage. 

Break through your conversation blocks and get excited to speak with and understand your new English speaking friends clearly and easily!

It was my first online lesson. She was such a nice teacher! She is a kind of teacher who can be your friend. I want to learn a lot from her and at the same time I want to be her friend! 😀 😀 It was a nice surprise because I didn’t think I could enjoy the lesson like this! Thank you very much and we talk soon again! 😀 😀

Mimi from Japan

Thank you, I like your way of teaching. We performend some pronounciation exercices that were very helpful for me!

Michael from Germany

Great class! I’m really enjoying learning! Today we worked at some sounds and how to enhance the way of structure past sentences. Thank you Saunatina! See you next week!

Giovanna from Argentina

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