Awakening your awareness of communication styles.

Awakening Your Awareness

By Cycle: 6 months of lessons, private coaching, and a community to learn and grow together with.

By Month: Connect the individual lessons of the month with special assignments and a private coaching session. Plus, access to community spaces just for monthly students.

One-By-One: Get a taste of the classes with no pressure to engage long-term. Each lesson is designed to stand alone, helping you focus on the area you’re most interested in developing.

Week One | The Internal World

Before building, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of where you’re starting. This set of classes helps you delve into your own motivations.

Week Two | The External World

Take stock of how the outside world relates to you – and how you relate to it.  This set of classes helps you examine the external influences in your life.

Week Three | Integrating Worlds

Bring together the internal and external worlds that make up your life.  This set of classes helps explore where the expectations you feel for your life come from.

Monthly Themes

A new cycle starts on the First Monday of each month. No classes during Rest months.

Sowing Time

Registration opens August 1, closes October 28.

November: Descent
December: Rest
January: Confrontation
February: Emergence
March: Resolution
April: Integration

Reaping Time

Registration opens January 1, closes April 28.

May: Ascent
June: Confrontation
July: Rest
August: Emergence
September: Resolution
October: Integration

Monthly Mindsetting

What’s your state of mind and how are you set to approach the next month? Take a look at where you are in your plans and determine if we want to readjust.

Building Frames

Working on retraining brains to look at situations in different ways. Like any skill, this takes practice, and can benefit greatly from an outside perspective to help you focus on the task.

Crafting Routines

Spend some time reflecting on how you spend your time, with focused exercises to help you set-up routines. Put yourself in a mindset to put aside work so you can focus on rest.


Spend a few minutes a month thinking about the messages you’re telling yourself. Work on strategies to change your internal language.

Constructing Support

What support do you need to thrive? Recognizing the support we need can help us avoid getting frustrated at offers of what we don’t.

Habits for Living

Routine is to Time as Habit is to Action. What does this mean? When you do something is different than what you do. Spend a bit of time each month to make sure your regular actions are what you really want to be dedicating time to.

Goals & Dreams

Get clear on the difference between the two and learn how to acheive both. Spend some time reviewing your direction, based on the time of year we’re in.

Tasks That Matter

Is adulting being overwhelming? Get a handle on the minutia. Take some time going through the details that make up your life and confirm there aren’t timesucks draining your energy.

Project Creation

Set yourself up for the long haul. Deadlines make sure we get things done, spend this time making sure you have a handle on what you’re working toward.

Choose a Plan that Works for You

It was my first online lesson. She was such a nice teacher! I want to learn a lot from her and at the same time I want to be her friend! It was a nice surprise because I didn’t think I could enjoy the lesson like this! Thank you very much and talk soon again! 😀 😀

Mimi from Japan

Thank you, I like your way of teaching. We performend some pronounciation exercices that were very helpful for me!

Michael from Germany

Great class! I’m really enjoying learning! Today we worked on sounds and how to enhance the structure sentences. Thank you Saunatina! See you next week!

Giovanna from Argentina

Bring It All Together

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