Crafting Sound Meaning

What are you trying to understand or communicate? Let’s get there together.

What does it mean to craft sound meaning?


What does it mean to dig deep to understand how people use language and the way that is different for each person?

Even with language—perhaps especially with language—our unique perspectives both help and hinder communication.

How people use language with meaning and intention is a fundamental aspect of their personality.

What I do is help you take control of language, both its use and understanding, to broaden opportunities of expression and comprehension.

Through years of work as a language educator and as someone who identifies as neurodiverse, I can speak specifically to how critical sound is to communicating your ideas, helping you be understood, and connecting you to the people, spaces, and world around you.

What are you trying to say or understand? Let’s get there together.


What I Do – What We Do

Words and language can be beautiful. That’s what poetry tells us.

If you struggling to make your point understood, or understand someone else’s way of communicating with language, words can be difficult, ambiguous, and frustrating.

In Crafting Sound Meaning, I use my background in linguistics, education, and neurodiversity to collaborate with those who want to communicate in their own way and those who want to understand respectfully and through genuine connections. Fellow seekers of meaning, if you will.

I help you settle into your own way of sharing meaning, strengthening your internal concepts of value and ability. I also help organizations reach their goals of creating a more compassionate, inclusive, accessible, and effective work environment.

Learn how to recontextualize situations so you can see how each person is bringing their interpretation to the topic.

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I’m autistic. That fact colors my way of crafting meaning in our world. I communicate differently, in ways unique to me, ways that may be confusing or difficult for others to comprehend and make sense of.

And that’s great! Everyone brings our own ways of creating meaning to the world. We also all struggle sometimes to understand one another…

Crafting Persuasive Communication: A Guidebook

We start with word meanings—and recognize how they can be different based on the individual. Then we get into how to craft your words to connect with different people.

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