Crafting Sound Meaning

Language Coaching for Your Communication Needs

Have you been avoiding social events cause you’re feeling stressed thinking about trying to understand everyone?

Want to feel excited about hanging out at Happy Hour instead of dreading the thought of “fast conversation”?

Learn how to develop your sound awareness skills so you enjoy hanging out!

What are Sound Awareness Skills, you may be asking?

If your ear doesn’t regularly distinguish between 2 sounds, your mouth isn’t going to have any reason to know how to make those sounds. You can train your mouth to say these new sounds and develop your ear‘s ability to distinguish between those sounds at the same time.

Sound interesting? Read on…

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Thank you, I like your way of teaching. We performed some pronounciation exercises that were very helpful for me!

Michael from Germany

It was my first online lesson. She was such a nice teacher! She is a kind of teacher who can be your friend. I want to learn a lot from her and at the same time I want to be her friend! 😀 😀 It was a nice surprise because I didn’t think I could enjoy the lesson like this! Thank you very much and we talk soon again! 😀 😀

Mimi from Japan

Great class! I’m really enjoying learning! Today we worked on some sounds and how to enhance the way to structure past sentences. Thank you Saunatina! See you next week!

Giovanna from Argentina

Why Focus on Pronunciation?

Speak With More People

You’re probably studying English because you want to be able to easily understand other people and be confident expressing yourself. That confidence starts with focused practice with the way sound works in English.

More Perspective on Arts & Culture

Enjoy English language movies and music with a new understanding.

Make Learning Easier

Language really does start with sound. Better speaking skills lead to better listening, reading, and writing skills.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Decrease your stress around interviews, supervisor reviews, and the casual coffee chats.

Travel The World With Confidence

Over a billion people speak English around the world.

Why Crafting Sound Meaning?

As an adult, you’re able to build your sound awareness skills in minutes, without having to struggle with the trial-and-error process you did when you were a baby, thanks to a lifetime of you using and controlling your mouth muscles.

What Students Say

I really like my lesson with Saunatina. She is awesome. She made feel good about my English. We talked about my goals and what things I need to fix in order to be more confident with my speaking english. I booked my next lesson with her already.

Nisey from Mexico

I love teachers that prepare a lot, and I think she does prepare a lot. By the way she talked, It seemed like she always think about how to help their students with their English better. I loved these parts about her as a teacher.

Grace from Korea

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