Crafting Sound Meaning

School of Communication



Helping you manage the daily overwhelm of adulting


Awakening your awareness of communication styles.

Don’t let words get in your way – Take control of your language.

Even when people understand the same language, there can be misunderstandings due to the individual experience of each person.

Improve your relationships – with yourself, other people, even another species – by practicing communication skills.

Remove confusion and frustration that comes with interacting with a complex world.

Overcome communication challenges by training your sound awareness skills.

Change the way you use language – change your world.

What Students Say

I really like my lesson with Saunatina. We talked about my goals and what things I need to fix in order to be more confident. She is awesome. I booked my next lesson with her already.

Nisey from Mexico

It seems like she always thinks about how to help students with their goals better. I loved these parts about her as a teacher.

Grace from Korea

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